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Stick War: Legacy is a mobile game by Max Games Studios, that is available on iTunes and Google Play. The Alpha version was released for download on October 30, 2015.

Stick War: Legacy, according to the hints posted on Stick Wa rs Univherse, is a spinoff of the original game, Stick War. A few control differences are obviously going to be there, as well as slightly better graphics, but the overall gameplay and story will be retained.

Stick War: Legacy has multiple save profiles, visual upgrades with the armory as well as a gem store for powerful spells.

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The normal mode based off the original Stick War. It has the same levels, but Westwind is changed to Speartons and Archers from Speartons and Magikill.

Also, the "Swordwrath Helmet" increases health as well as foot speed.

"The Crown of Inamorta" tournamentEdit

"The Crown of Inamorta" is new tournament like mode. There are several AI players to play against. Each character has varying difficulties abilities and skills. They can also user control units and cast spells. This will add a ton of replayability and each tournament will a new random order of character and levels.[1]

There are 12 AI players in total (Ruth, Cydnee, Blake, Zane, Willow, Maverick, Cruise, Vin, Crazy Jay, Wesley, Z4CK, Cyrus), but only 8 of them will participate in a tournament. There will be 7 other stickmen (which lose on the first round) and you. 2 of the 8 AI players will be "hard" (Crazy Jay, Wesley, Z4CK, Cyrus). 1 of them will get beaten in the 2nd round and the other one will play you in the final round.

Endless DeadsEdit

This gamemode is a survival based mode. Fight endless waves of zombies and survive for as long as you can. Fight against many different varieties of zombies. This new gamemode adds a new twist to the game, as the player has to come up with new strategies.

The game starts off with a comic where a group of soldiers from the Order Empire are traveling into the woods during a storm, caring an Order Empire statue. The Spearton, Atreyos, a Swordwrath, Archidon, and a Magikill tell the other soldiers that they will rest in this area. So all of the soldiers and miners begin to set up a fire, tents, and search for gold. The Magikill rests next to a fire to warm himself, but then a zombie stickman jumps out from a bush and attacks the Magikill. The Magikill struggles to break free from the zombie's grasp. Just then, the Archidon shoots an arrow at the zombie, causing it to die. The Swordwrath approaches the Magikill, trying to get him up onto his feet to escape, but then, two zombies from underground attack them. With one biting the Magikill's arm, and one attacking the Swordwrath, the Archidon and Atreyos attack the zombies, desperately trying to save them. The two zombies were killed, but Atreyos yells in loss of his Magikill friend, leaving the wounded Swordwrath and Archidon looking opposite ways, preparing for a fight.

When you give up on your survival, there will be a background where Atreyos, the last survivor climbs up the Order Empire statue, with a broken spear, and shield, as the zombies climb up the statue, ready for a kill.