Economy SpoilerEdit

Strategy status: Commonly used by pros

Effects of strategy: Slows down economy dramatically

Units needed: 3-7 Swordwraths, a few Archidons(3 at least)

How to use this strategy?Edit

This strategy slows down your opponents' economy, which means he won't get much units that fast, this strategy is used depending on your opponent, this strategy is good to use for battling against Chaos Empire noobs rather than Order Empire, so let's get started.

You need to spawn as much Swordwraths and Archidons as fast as you can, it's a matter of speed. At least get 7+ Swordwraths and get as much Archidons as fast as you can, when you're done don't just wait in front of your statue, force your units to attack the miners of your opponent. When your opponent garrisons his units, get more miners and units!!! Also research Miner Hustle and Passive Income Gold 1 and 2 (see

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